How to Download YouTube Video Online

How to Download YouTube Video Online

It’s easy to download videos from YouTube without using special software. You can even save videos offline to watch them later, or to transfer them to an MP3 player or other device to listen or watch on the go. Here’s how you can easily save your favorite YouTube videos as you watch them online.

How to Download a YouTube Video Online

YouTube videos are usually saved to a video host, like YouTube's or Vimeo. But, if you want to download a YouTube video as an mp3 file for your personal use, you'll need to find the link and use a video downloader. There are plenty of free online youtube downloaders that will help you get the job done in just a few clicks. Our favorites include Freemake YouTube Downloader, MP4 Converter, YouTubeMate. With any youtube video downloader online that you choose, make sure to watch the information about what type of files it converts before downloading it!

Most youtube video downloaders online will convert to mp3 but not all of them do. If they don't, there is still a chance that other programs can convert from YouTube's mp4 format to a .mp3 file so long as you have some experience with software conversion. Otherwise, search for other youtube video downloader options until you find one that has the converter you need! You may also want to ask friends who might know of a youtube video downloader online that they've found helpful. Hopefully, this helped you learn how to download a youtube video online!

We're sorry we couldn't cover every single youtube video downloader online on the market, but hopefully, these three should be enough to cover most people's needs. Free youtube video downloaders exist out there, but we hope that our list offers something that everyone can benefit from. One of the easiest ways to get a youtube video downloader online is by doing an internet search. Just typing youtube video download into Google should produce links to many different youtube video downloaders online.

Make sure you read reviews and try out each site before making a decision on which site best suits your needs! When looking at youtube video downloaders online, pay attention to features such as: ease of use, quality of service, price (both membership costs and cost per video), compatibility (which devices does it work with?), bonus features (does it offer extras?), etc.

Youtube is the largest streaming site in existence so why would you want to download YouTube videos? Well, streaming sites typically only allow access for a limited amount of time before locking content behind paid memberships. Downloads are available without restrictions so make sure you're getting the version that works best for your needs!

Go to a YouTube video download site

There are many websites that provide YouTube video downloaders, which will allow you to save videos in various formats including MP4. Search for youtube video downloader online in a search engine and you’ll see a long list of different services available. All of these sites work similarly – just find the URL of the video you want to download and paste it into the site’s search bar or upload link if they have this option.

Select your preferred format, size and quality, enter your email address (if prompted) and hit download! Be aware that some sites require registration before downloading YouTube videos. However, once you register with one of them, you’ll be able to sign in from any device and access all of your downloaded YouTube videos from anywhere. In addition, most video downloaders offer additional features like playlist creation and management as well as YouTube related content.

The YouTube video downloader is free and easy to use on most devices. The only downside is that it does not offer mobile downloads yet so be sure to look for an app-specific website when on the go! For iPhone users, there are a few applications such as MobileYouTube or YouSeeMe among others that will let you download YouTube videos straight from your phone without any extra steps. For Android phones, I recommend Free YouTube Downloader HD which can do the same thing but also provides a variety of editing tools for after-the-fact editing.

Keep in mind that it's always best to watch YouTube on its site where possible because by watching YouTube through another service, there's more risk of ads popping up and redirecting you away from where you were going! So while it might be tempting to use a YouTube downloader, you'll need to decide if the hassle of having less control over how YouTube operates is worth being able to take your favorite videos offline. It's always better to choose whichever service suits you best depending on what exactly you're looking for - either way, rest assured that our days are numbered until we finally get mobile YouTube download capability :)

Here at our site we offer a variety of ways to enjoy YouTube videos including bookmarking, direct linking and much more! If using a Youtube video player doesn't suit you then check out our browser extension called Tubeyou which lets viewers switch back and forth between their favorite site and Youtube seamlessly.

Enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to download

To download the video you want to watch on YouTube, follow these steps: 

Enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to download. -Next, click on the button that says Download or Download MP3. Select the option to save it in MP3 format, then click on Save. The YouTube video will be downloaded as an audio file and saved to your computer. If you want to get back online quickly, use Wi-Fi and not data when downloading videos from YouTube. You should also know that YouTube videos take up more space than other forms of media like pictures and music. Be sure to make enough room for your YouTube downloads so that you don't run out of storage space for other things.

There are many ways to download YouTube videos, but this is one of the easiest methods. After following the instructions outlined above, all you need to do is search for the YouTube video you want by entering its name into YouTube's search bar.

After pressing Enter on your keyboard, look down near the top of your screen where there should be an arrow pointing downward with a string of numbers beside it. It's likely labeled Download. Clicking on this will allow you to start downloading YouTube videos right away! Make sure you have the app open and ready to go before starting YouTube so that everything goes smoothly without any interruptions.

What type of files can I download?

The most common type of files available for downloading from YouTube are audio files such as MP3s, which come in at about 10 MB each. Other types include video (MP4) files and subtitle (SRT) files if you want to read along with what's happening onscreen while watching something.

When searching for a YouTube video to download, be aware that some have hidden viruses embedded within them due to their popularity among hackers looking for victims. So before clicking Download next time, hover over the video until your cursor changes into a magnifying glass shape with an exclamation point inside it.

Take note of the two security checks that pop up. One reads Copy Verified and another reads Inspected. Videos with both check marks indicate that they're safe to download, whereas videos with only one check mark could contain malware. You'll never know if a YouTube video contains malware unless you preview it beforehand; so remember to always double-check before hitting the Download button! YouTube provides a variety of different formats for users to download videos, depending on the type of device being used.

For example, an iPhone user might prefer saving YouTube videos in MOV format because it plays natively on iPhones and iPads. In contrast, YouTube suggests users download MP4s instead since MOV formats may not play properly on smartphones with Android operating systems. Mobile phones typically offer three different formats from which users can choose: 3GP/3G2, AMR/AWB and FLV/SWF respectively. These choices help users avoid having to convert their YouTube downloads once they've made them using iTunes software or another third party program.

Select the file format you want to download the video in

When you download videos from YouTube, the video usually comes in two file formats: MP4 and FLV. MP4 is the most common format for videos and it can be played on most devices, such as TVs and smartphones. FLV is an older format that's primarily used for playing video on the web. It can't be played on some devices like Blu-ray players.

If you want to download a YouTube video to your computer, use an online video downloader (like Keepvid). The website will ask you what file format you want to download the video in. You can also make adjustments to where the videos will save to your computer. For example, if you want to watch the video offline or edit it later on your computer, then select save to my hard drive.

If you only need the YouTube video for a few days or weeks but don't need to keep it indefinitely, select save to my browser so that YouTube downloads the video automatically when viewing. The choice of file format is important because not all platforms support the same ones. For example, Android phones can only play MP4 files while Windows Media Player prefers WMV files.

Selecting the right file format ensures that your video plays properly and looks great no matter what device you're using to view it. Plus, choosing a specific type of file means there are fewer steps involved in downloading and viewing it. Just enter the YouTube URL into the address bar at this website (Keepvid) or follow this link if you already know it by heart and press Download to begin downloading your video! The video might take a little while to process before you can actually see the download button below it.

But once you do, just click on it to start downloading and enjoy watching your favorite YouTube videos offline whenever you want! There are plenty of websites that offer free YouTube video downloads, but Keepvid does more than just provide them. Not only does it let you download YouTube videos for free in different formats, but you can also stream them directly without having to worry about internet speeds. Plus, unlike other programs with similar functions, Keepvid doesn't create adverts between videos or collect data from its users. That's why we recommend this program over others! All you have to do is visit their site and decide what type of file format best suits your needs.

Click on the Download button

YouTube video downloader online is another option. It will allow you to bypass the YouTube software and instead, download the video directly on your computer. The process is fairly simple, but it does require you to open up the YouTube site in your internet browser. From there, scroll down until you see the video that you wish to download and click on it. Next, find the Download button on the bottom of the screen or next to the Share this Video button if you are viewing on mobile.

A popup will appear with an option for a different resolution and audio quality setting, but if you want the original file type, then just click Keep original filename. You may also have the option to save a local copy or upload it straight to YouTube. To download any given video, follow these instructions: 1) Open YouTube in your web browser 2) Click on the desired video 3) Find and click the Download button 4) Choose whether you want to save locally or upload straight to YouTube 5) After selecting, choose where you would like to save/upload - YouTube video downloader is another option to get YouTube videos onto your computer 

Videos can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button found at the bottom of each YouTube video

Alternatively, one can choose to save a local copy or upload their newly downloaded video straight to YouTube . YouTube allows for plenty of settings when downloading as well. For example, the amount of storage used and the resolution (HD versus SD). When saving offline, one can also choose which format they would prefer (MP4 or WebM), as well as change their playback settings before downloading starts.

Another way to download videos from YouTube is by using Firefox. One must first install the Greasemonkey add-on on Firefox then go to User Scripts > Load Userscripts... > Enter YouTube to MP3 > Install Userscript > Refresh YouTube Page > Select video(s) > Right-click mouse button > Select Download Linked File(s) > Save link as... YouTube offers all sorts of settings to make things easier, depending on how much storage space you're looking to use and what kind of resolution (HD or SD).

Additionally, the user can pick what format they want before starting to download. Some formats include MP4 and WebM. One more way to download YouTube videos is through the Mozilla Firefox browser. Once you've installed the Greasemonkey extension, you'll need to go to Userscripts > Load Userscripts... > Enter YouTube to MP3 > Install Userscript > Refresh YouTube page> select video(s)> right-click mouse button> select Download Linked File(s)> Save link as.